The magic of NLP

Can computers write? Yes they can, using our software, which is based on Natural Language Processing, for web content management.

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You: a brand-centric, omni-channel company

Your customer touchpoints, aligned and supporting your brand with web content management.

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We speak CMS workflow

Automation with human intervention that fits into your existing CMS workflow, for web content management.

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Why Abstraction Tech for your web content management?

Increase customer conversion and engagement by using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to abstract meaning from your existing marketing content to create new forms of that content to populate various customer touchpoints.

An omni-channel, brand-centric business has many customer touchpoints, all being populated with versions of the content that need to be highly aligned to support the brand. With the increasing proliferation of touchpoints — it's more than web and mobile, now there are a plethora of chatbots, digital assistants, AR, call center agents (who need scripts) — there is an emerging need to automate the delivery of the right content for the right customer touchpoint at the right time.

For your web content management.



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